ONLINE, United States
Oct 31 2020

Prize fund

100% guaranteed




quad Prize: $60


Max of byes: 0
Number of rounds in tourney: 3


Super Saturday Quads/Swiss

Before registering for any tournament, you must fill out this form
to verify your account
with USCF if you have a USCF membership. It is OK if your membership is
currently expired; we will use your most recent USCF rating. If you do not have
a USCF rating, please enter 00000000 for your ID, 0000 for the expiration, and
your approximate strength (your rating, for example) for
your rating. The TDs will use this information to put you in an appropriate
section and keep a record of your performance for future tournaments.

Quad procedure: 

1. On the day of the tournament, you will be e-mailed three

  - The first link will be an invite to a CLUB
  - The second link will be an invite to a TOURNAMENT
  - The third link will be an invite to a ZOOM call 
As soon as you receive these 3 links, please use the first 2
links to join the CLUB AND TOURNAMENT. If you have trouble or need assistance,
please e-mail
or join the Zoom call so we can offer live assistance!

Note: Please be sure to register with the e-mail you want the
links sent to, if the parent will not be home to assist the child, do not register with the parent's email, use the child's!

2. Be on Time, you are required to be in the ZOOM call at no
later than 12:50PM!! 

3. As always, you are required to stay in the ZOOM call with
your camera on at all times , if anybody is found in violation of this rule,
there is a chance you will be forfeited immediately!

4. When registering for the tournament you are required to
include your username! It is
impossible to confirm you are in the section if you don't include your

Please help us run this tournament smoothly. If players are not
showing up on time or using their emails effectively, the tournament will be
delayed for not only you, but everyone else. We are happy to assist with
relevant questions, but please make sure you have followed the procedure
outlined above before raising concerns. Thank you!


In-person location

ONLINE, United States
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