ICA Qualification Tournaments April 11

ONLINE, United States
Apr 11 2021
Tournament Fee

Tournament trophies

All players with 3.0 and more points in Booster section will qualify to enter 'norm' tournament. All players with 3+ points in Advancement section will achieve 1st norm towards category 5 title.




Booster (Unrated)

Advancement (U600)


Max of byes: 1
Last round to request a bye: 2
Bye note: Late entrants will receive 1/2 point bye for round 1


This tournament will have two sections: each section will have a $10 entry fee and play 4 rounds (G/30+5)

Section 1 (Booster Section):

  • Any student can play if they have their coach’s approval.
  • This section is great for a first-time Tournament player!
  • Score of 3.0 in this section will earn qualification to section 2!

Section 2 (Advancement Section):

  • This section is open to players below the 400 USCF rating level (over-the board or online)
  • This section is 'norm' eligible! Norms are a tracking system of a player's achievements in events. Once a player has earned 2 norms, they will qualify to play in the next level with more experienced players!
  • To earn a norm, you must score at least 3 out of 4 tournament points and pass the Category 5 Title requirements (The title 5 category reuirements will be posted online)
  • Once a player has earned their two norms, they will receive their 5th category certification and be eligible to play in category 4 tournaments!

In-person location

ONLINE, United States
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