ONLINE, United States
Oct 23 2021

Prize fund

100% guaranteed




quad Prize: $60


Max of byes: 0
Number of rounds in tourney: 3


Super Saturday Quads/Swiss

Before registering for any tournament, you must have a current USCF membership. If your membership has expired, please renew it before the tournament. If you do not have a membership, you can sign up here.

Quad procedures: 

1. On the day of the tournament, you will be e-mailed threelinks. 

  - The first link will be an invite to a ZOOM call 
  - The second link will be an invite to a CLUB
  - The third link will be an invite to a TOURNAMENT
As soon as you receive these 3 links, please click on the links in order. If you have trouble or need assistance, please join the Zoom call so we can help you.

2. You MUST join the Zoom call by 12:50 ET at the latest to confirm that you are ready to play in the tournament. We reserve the right to turn away latecomers!

3. You are required to stay in the ZOOM call until your tournament is over (all three rounds are played). Additionally, you must have your camera whenever you are in a game. Failure to do say may result in forfeiting your games!

4. When registering for the tournament you are required toinclude your username so that we can confirm you have successfully joined the tournament.

5. If you need to reach TDs at any point please Call/Text: 201-397-2319

**Note: Please be sure to register with the e-mail you want the
links sent to (it does not necessarily have to be the same one associated with your payment method). For example, if your child is playing and has their own email address, be sure to register with that one so that the links will go directly to the player

Please help us run this tournament smoothly by coming to the Zoom call on time and responding to emails.

In-person location

ONLINE, United States
Registration is expired.