The Number Theory and the Art of problem Solving grades 6-7 (with Sasha)

  • Mathematics
Feb 28 2024
May 15 2024
1 hour/week (based on 10 classes) Math only
1 hour/week (based on 10 classes) with chess
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Using the FAN-MATH Process in Problem Solving skills, this class will cover many topics that are typically covered in 6-7thgrade classrooms. This book has been used in the ICA system before and continues to be a successful way for the students to understand the topics. Much of this class will revolve around word problems that tackle topics that are common in these grades. There will also be a heavy focus on Olympiad-style problems in preparation for the annual Math Counts and MOEM Olympiads that many of our students participate in. 

Homework will be required for this course and will be assigned every few weeks. Additionally, the classwork and class notes will be attached with each week’s homework, as a way for students to have something to look back on for their week’s work.

The topics that will be covered:

  • modelling
  • fractions and comparing fractions
  • integrated strategies
  • percentages
  • diagrams for speed/distance/time
  • circles
  • algebra
  • systems of equations
  • functions
  • quadratics
  • exponents
  • others




of equations, functions, quadratics, polynomials, exponents, and others.

Class dates

02/28/2024, 03/06/2024, 03/13/2024, 03/20/2024, 04/03/2024, 04/10/2024, 04/17/2024, 04/24/2024, 05/01/2024, 05/08/2024, 05/15/2024


Participants must currently be in grades 6 to 7.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 3

Maximum: 8

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/26/2024 and ends on 04/30/2024.

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