Semi-Private 1.5 hours chess class

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May 21 2024
Jun 18 2024
Semi-Private 1.5 hrs class (5 weeks)
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  3. Tue4:00 - 5:30 pm
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The virtual classes offer a lot of new perks:

-Easy access for both kids and parents (No need to drive to the site, everything is already prepared far in advance!)

-More tools to moderate our classes (Muting functions, breakout rooms, sharing tools etc.)

-Many online resources we can use for teaching! (Video lectures, tactics trainers, club tournaments etc.)

Overall, virtual classes allow students to participate from the comfort of their own homes while maintaining the benefits we had from onsite classes. Students are still able to socialize while enjoying chess, yet are able to have a more focused, productive session free of unnecessary noise.

Our Semester will run for 5 weeks from May 21 through June 18. 

Class dates

05/21/2024, 05/28/2024, 06/04/2024, 06/11/2024, 06/18/2024

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 2

Registration period

Registration starts on 05/19/2024 and ends on 06/02/2024.

Online location


Registration closed.