Winter Semester - Teaneck

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Teaneck, 185 Court St, Teaneck, NJ 07666, USA
Jan 09 2022
Mar 23 2022
1 hour/week (based on 10 weeks)
1.5 hour/week (based on 10 weeks)
2 hour/week (based on 10 weeks)
3 hours/week (based on 10 weeks)
  1. Sun10:00 am - 3:30 pm
  2. Mon5:00 - 8:00 pm
  3. Tue 
  4. Wed5:00 - 9:00 pm
  5. Thu 
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Winter Semester

ICA has been teaching children chess (whether they are classified as Beginner or as Master) for over 20 Years! Our classes are taught by enthusiastic chess instructors, some of whom are experts, masters, grandmasters. While some of our past students have gone on to study at the best colleges and ivy league universities in the U.S., the joy of learning chess remains within us. The opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and exercise sustained attention will reap benefits over a lifetime. Try a semester with us and we guarantee either you or your kid will be hooked.

* Tuition is based on 10 classes over the semester (additional days have been scheduled for make-up classes)
* Three hours and up (per week) is strongly recommended for USCF rated or Advanced (Future Master and above) players
* A late fee of $50 will be added on registrations after November 30

Class Scheduling/Levels
ICA provides classes for all levels throughout the week! 

Our afternoon classes (4 pm - 5 pm or 5 pm - 6 pm or 6 pm - 7 pm) are one hour sessions and are for levels Beg 1, Beg 2, Adv Beg, and Int 1. Descriptions of each are below: 

Beginner 1 - A student who is just starting chess or has very little experience playing. These classes are great for new players to the game looking to learn the rules and movements with a good foundation. 

Beginner 2 - Students who know all the rules and how to play a game to completion. These classes are for students that are looking to build on their strategy and learn new concepts to apply to their games. 

Advanced Beginner - Students who know all the rules, basic strategies, and have a bit of experience already. These classes are for students looking to hone their skills and perhaps start participating in tournament play. 

Intermediate 1 - Students that either have tournament experience or have already had chess coaching. These classes are for serious players looking to study their chess and work on their game. 

Our evening classes (6 pm - 7:30 pm or 7:30 pm - 9 pm) are 1.5 hour sessions and are reserved for Rated/Advanced students. 

Rated/Advanced - Students that have achieved an official rating of 600+ or have been attending chess classes for 3+ years. These classes are for the most serious students that are regularly participating in tournaments and looking to learn master strategies. 

****Studied chess on-and-off but never or sporadically played in tournaments? ****
****Consider ICA's Kids Only 4-Round, bi-Monthly Tournaments (virtual) or ICA's weekly Glen Rock Saturday Quads (over-the-board)*****


Class dates

01/09/2022, 01/10/2022, 01/12/2022, 01/16/2022, 01/17/2022, 01/19/2022, 01/23/2022, 01/24/2022, 01/26/2022, 01/30/2022, 01/31/2022, 02/02/2022, 02/06/2022, 02/07/2022, 02/09/2022, 02/13/2022, 02/14/2022, 02/16/2022, 02/20/2022, 02/21/2022, 02/23/2022, 02/27/2022, 02/28/2022, 03/02/2022, 03/06/2022, 03/07/2022, 03/09/2022, 03/13/2022, 03/14/2022, 03/16/2022, 03/20/2022, 03/21/2022, 03/23/2022

Registration period

Registration starts on 10/21/2021 and ends on 03/01/2022.

In-person location

Teaneck, 185 Court St, Teaneck, NJ 07666, USA